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A Journey

Radha started on the path of her yoga journey 15 years ago when see underwent an injury. What started as a foray into healing herself turned into a passion, which is reflected in the way she imparts yoga teaching. A journey that began with yoga as only a personal practice, has developed into a deep gratitude for all the additional spiritual, emotional and mental blessings that it brings.
Having undergone training with ‘Param Yoga School’ and added certifications from various national and international Yoga masters, Radha has found contentment in learning, teaching and training of Yogic practices.
‘Signature Lifestyle Yoga’ which she has developed is improving the lives of her students as mentioned in the testimonial page of this website is a classic demonstration of her success in imparting a truly unique and innovative style for the contemporary individual.


Signature Lifestyle Yoga is a classic discovery of Radha who practices and conducts Yoga classes in Pune. The asanas are sequenced taking into consideration modern lifestyle of an individual. Radha offers yoga classes in Pune to adults across all age group to enhance their lifestyle leading to integrated physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life.
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Continuing to Learn

In a constant effort to deepen her knowledge and understanding Radha endeavors to continually learn as a student and improve as a teacher. Her initial training was with Param Yoga School, Pune, there after Radha received advance training from many nationally and internationally recognised teachers. She believes constant learning as an integral aspect in teaching yoga hence she chooses to be a student throughout life.

Teaching Style

Radha teaches Lifestyle Yoga classes in Pune, to individuals of all ages and abilities, her signature yoga involves Classical Yoga, Power Yoga and Yoga with props. This is a dynamic flowing form of yoga, where postures are linked to breathing techniques. Each student is paid personal attention and the forms involve working of the whole body.
Some-days there is a special theme session and focus area for unique experience and breaking monotony and plateau. Every class always ends in a short meditation and shavasana for relaxation of mind body and the soul.

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