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Mr. K Kumar

My basic concepts about Yoga changed after joining the classes of Guru Radha ji. I was aware of only some basic postures of classical Yoga but she teaches us Power-Yoga & Pilates along with classical-Yoga in alternate days. Really,it strengthened the muscles & aligned my body parts which ultimately boosted my confidence to cover 15 kms of morning-run.

Mayuri Jain

While traditional yoga increases your flexibility, power yoga and Pilates increases the strength of the body. Radha comes with lots of preparation for every class and each class is a new feeling. Radha helps in performing each asana with the correct posture and always tries to push our limits

Pooja Jain

Our overall health improved a lot and it is helping us in performing our day to day life without any health issues. My lifestyle has changed drastically after I started Radha's classes. Our awareness on maintaining the posture has increased

Kamal Loladia

We feel more energetic and young after attending each class. Rutu had asthma problem but since last two years we have seen tremendous improvement in her health. My approach towards life has changed for the better

Himanshu Deshpande

I joined Radha's classes four months back and the change that I have seen in my lifestyle is immense. I learnt lot of things with perfection. Though I did yoga in the past the experience here has been very unique with right posture and approach. I feel fresh and energetic every day.


I have been attending the classes from the last 3 months now and it has freed me from many health issues and I have started feeling fresh and healthy. My immune system has become better and my lifestyle has changed totally. Radha has immense knowledge of yoga which she implements in our everyday class. Before yoga I was a regular visitor of the gym but the experience with Radha's yoga is absolutely refreshing. My motto - Do yoga and stay healthy

Himanshu Jain

Radha's yoga exceeded my expectations. Radha's focus on postures, right instructions, is a true yoga experience. She is a kind and compassionate teacher and stays always positive. I recommend Radha's yoga for all


Yoga has helped me attain a peaceful mind, healthy body and lose substantial weight within 6months. It gives me great joy and energy to be active all throughout the day

Neha Lokwani

I have been practising Yoga since 5 years now and from past one year I am associated with Radha. It has been a whole new experience, and I have got to know different forms of Yoga and the way all these merge together takes you to a whole new world. Each day is different from classical, to power yoga, to circuit training, to Surya namaskars with Gayatri Mantra, to Hanuman Namaskars helps me get the best out of myself. All this have improved my body strength and flexibility and brought about a change in my lifestyle. Thanks to Radha for being such a superb mentor

Charu Garg

My son Rishi (9 yrs) has slight weakness on right side of his body; his right hand and right leg are not as strong as his left one. To overcome the same, he has been exercising and undertaking occupational therapy right from the age one to 7 years. For the last 2 years Radha has been his yoga teacher and she is dedicatedly trying to help him overcome his physical weakness and strengthen his strengths. As parents we have seen drastic improvement in his physical posture, flexibility, balance, coordinations and overall strength in the last 2 years.
Radha's encouragement, positive attitude has motivated Rishi to try and perform different asanas which were otherwise challenging for him. She makes Rishi comfortable and slowly & methodically gets him to do as per her planned schedule. At the same time she is versatile . She never loses her patience and sometimes when Rishi does not cooperate she adds fun and playfully modifies the asanas adjusting to Rishi's requirement.
Radha understands the individual needs of her students. She corrects Rishi's posture and observes him closely. She is working on his smaller muscles which are helping Rishi achieve some of the fine motor skills. Her compassion , positive energy and ever smiling face does most of the work . She is very good with kids. We are fortunate to have a teacher like Radha for Rishi.

Manju Nankani

Every class we have has different forms of Yoga and works wonderfully on different parts of the body. It has truly enhanced our lifestyle


I have been a student of the yoga classes for almost 8 months now. The experience has been very good. I am able to overcome lot of health issues and started feeling good about my health and body. Stiffness in my body got reduced to a great deal. Radha is outstanding in all her classes and she ensures she instructs us to the minutest of detail. She gives personal attention to each member to correct their postures. She comes well prepared for each class according and follows the theme of the day, which focusses on different parts/aspects of the day. I always look forward to the next class and hardly miss my classes. And I hope to continue for a long time